Live Tracks

Parliament Tavern 8.18.18, Tribute to "Sweetheart of The Rodeo" 50th Anniversary

Certainly one of the most unique shows we've ever played, we were one of a host of bands paying tribute to the Byrds classic "Sweetheart of the Rodeo" album by collectively playing the entire album, along with a bunch of other Byrds and Gram Parsons songs.  Our part of the show was three songs from the album, as well as the classic, Mr. Spaceman.  Hope to do it again in another 50 years.


Tim's Tavern 4.7.18

We'd never played Tim's in North Seattle before, and it turned out to be worth the wait.  Great room, great crowd and great beers.  For the occasion, we knocked out a rockin' set, and Chas debuted his new pint sized drum kit.  Leaving the club a possum ran in front of the car.  Good sign.

The Shanty Tavern 3.9.18

Back at our home away from home, The Shanty Tavern in historic Lake City.  We spent the winter working on a new CD, and were itching to play the songs live.  We featured all six songs from our new ep, as well as a couple new ones, that just might turn up on the next one.  Always a gas at Seattle's last roadhouse.

Darrell's Tavern 9.2.17

A super fun evening at Darrell's we called "Surf n' Turf", since we were playing with two great Surf Rock bands.  The evening also featured an awesome light show.  Things got a little late and we got a little punchy, and changed the order of songs all up on stage, but this is what we started with.

Evergreeen State Fair 8.26.17

We'll just come right out and say it, WE LOVE THE FAIR!  This year, we did something a bit different and played two sets in one day a couple hours apart.  Of course we played all different songs.  In between, we checked out the fair including alpacas, puppies and piglets.  The second set was highlighted by a surprise appearance by line dancers extraordinaire West Coast Country Heat..



The Bite of Seattle 7.23.17

Back at the Bite for 2017.  Smack dab in the middle of an un-Seattle-like epic run of dry sunny weather.  Needless to say, the beer garden was rocking, and shade was in short supply.  As usual, we debuted a couple new songs.  "Go Boy Go" got 86'd by time constraints.  Too much fun!