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IT'S HERE!  Our new album, "Bad Choices - Live".  Sixteen great songs, all recorded (you guessed it) live.  Included are some all time Fentons favorites such as My Dog Still Loves Me, Dig a Hole, Don't Call Me Goodnight, Stir the Love as well as a bunch of previously unrecorded new songs.  You can grab your copy now on our store page.  In honor of our 10th anniversary, it's just 10 bucks, shipping included. 


Got a minute? Press Play.

The Fentons: It's Twang Time!

The Fentons hail from Seattle, playing rockin' country and revved-up bluegrass just for the fun of it. Inspired by the Flying Burrito Brothers, Neil Young, early Eagles and Hank Williams, they've created an original sound that features a whole lot of harmonies and a ton of twang. The Fentons are known for their energetic live shows and have played their toe-tapping' tunes in clubs and on festival stages all over the Northwest. 

Whenever, wherever you hear The Fentons, IT'S TWANG TIME!


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